The school is an educational institution that provides language tuition for children and adults of Poprad and the whole region and it is a fee-charging school. The school was established in 1965 and focuses on teaching these foreign languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Slovak for foreigners living in Poprad and the neighbourhood.

The study is divided into 3 levels:

  • elementary /2 years/ corresponding to A1-A2 of the CEFR*,
  • intermediate /2 years/ corresponding to B1-B2, and
  • advanced /2 years/ corresponding to B2-C1.

Students get a certificate after completing each level. At the end of intermediate level they can take the Basic State Examination corresponding to B2 of the CEFR and at the end of advanced level they can take the General State Examination corresponding to C1 – C2 of the CEFR*.

Courses are held in the afternoons and evenings twice a week  (4 teaching periods a week) which accounts to 130 – 140 hours in a school year.

All the teachers are qualified teachers of foreign languages and sometimes we host foreign lecturers.


CEFR* – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages